Being a Mom and Pursuing a Degree- Shared by Katie Maggio

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My name is Katie Maggio, a Mompreneur living in New England with my husband and two children.  I host Level 10 Lifestyle Show, formerly titled Meaningful Moments, on iTunes and I am an Ultimate Success Coach and invented the Level 10 Performance method.  I help people raise their game in the area of relationships, careers , wellness and finances, regardless of where they currently find themselves.

Here’s What Katie Wanted to Share:

When I was 22 and 25 I gave birth to my daughters. They are now 10 and 13- I was still in college and working on my degrees. I finished with two degrees in the seven years I attended my University. I never gave up on my education, I also worked full time as well.

The other obstacle that I faced was that I breast fed.  I breast fed until my girls were 17 and 18 months old- pumping endlessly what seemed like day and night. That was tricky as well because I had to fit school , work and a never ending pumping scheduled into my life.  My oldest daughter was a terrible sleeper , always cried if you put her down and the complete inability to self entertain.

So not only was I a student, an employee, a mom , a milk source but a never ending performance clown and baby rocker. She ended up not sleeping a night until she was 7 years old. If that sounds exaggerated it by no means is- and after she slept the night I had to lay with my girls until they feel asleep.

I also had post-partum depression, I wanted to still live the party life style and lived far away from my friends once my ex-husband and I built our first home together which was about 50 minutes away from school and work. To anyone at my age at that time I looked  like I was living the dream but I was just lonely.

Shortly after my second daughter was born it wasn’t long before all of that feel apart and we divorced. It was a long road to recovery but now a decade later I look back on the trials and tribulations of having children at a young age as a learning experience. I wish I had some guidance in this arena , but I didn’t – I did what I thought was right. I succeeded and failed all in the same breath.

Mistakes that would be made would follow me for the rest of my life. It also lead me on my path of personal self discovery, it led me on a quest to be honest with myself and others, something that I had been struggling with for a long time. We all want to portray this picture perfect life and do not think that anyone would understand if you were honest.

My first step was working on myself- learning from divorce, learning from being a parent and learning about myself.

Second step was implementing this self discovery and being aware that life isn’t easy and that it is okay to ask for help and guidance. That surrounded with the proper people in your life you can have the support that you need and to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The third step was getting to the end of the tunnel and emerging into the bright lite- squinting and excited to move forward with life. That the years that seemed so hard have now been put into perspective- I have learned so much about myself and what I need to do for the future.

There are still so many things that I have to realize, now my girls are not babies anymore but they are not in the teenage years which offers its own set of challenges. I always heard to the teenage year horrors and I am now starting to experience them. Luckily I think to the point I have instilled good morals and values and they so far have been good kids. But the hight school years are rearing their ugly heads.

 Being a parent is scary , fun and daunting all in the same breath. I often wondered when it was 2:00 am and my daughter hadn’t stopped crying for 3 hours why they would have let me leave the hospital without a manual. . Or some much as a how to and what to do . Maybe even a what not to do guide.  But that is not the case , there is no guide, there is no right or wrong way and everyone has an option on EVERYTHING. But what I have learned as there is always tomorrow and I just am hoping to not to screw my kids up to bad. 🙂

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