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Meet Samantha:

Hi! My name is Sam! I have two children, Carter (5) and Emerson (4). My days are spent spent navigating this crazy ride, that is motherhood. I also advocate for my son, who just so happens to have autism. I do this through my Facebook and Instagram pages, (@theausomepirate), where I focus on the struggles I face raising my son, all while trying to give my daughter the attention she deserves. It’s a crazy journey, but with support from my husband, and love from my kids…I can get through anything!

Here’s What Samantha Wanted to Share:

Dear Em,

Did you know that when I was younger…I wanted to have all boys? Yeah. What was I thinking? I wanted three boys with red hair. One would be named Samuel, Sam for short, and they would all be mamas boys. You know, the whole mamas boy/daddy’s girl, thing. Well, I wanted all of my babies to cling to me. I’m selfish like that. So…I wanted 3 boys.

I married your dad, who along with all of his other amazing qualities, came from a male dominant family. The odds were in my favor. The day I found out that your brother was a boy, was one of my best days. People always seemed to wish for girls, but not me. This was perfect.

Now, I love your brother. He is everything that I could ever want in a son, and more. But raising him, has not been without its challenges. I have experienced some heartaches and some low points. But that is all another story, for another day. I want to focus on something different for a change. I want to focus on, you.

Emerson Claire…you save me. Every. Single. Day. You save me. It is impossible to be down, when you are around. I have tried. On the days when I feel my absolute lowest, there you are, with that big smile telling me, “It’s okay, mama.” You, sweet girl, are everything I didn’t know I would need.

You have been to all of the appointments, and therapy sessions. You have had to sit and entertain yourself, while I take care of your brother, or talk to the professionals. I’m sure there were times when you felt like I didn’t see you…but I did. I saw you in the waiting rooms, taking care of and playing with other children, with special needs. I have seen the times you help your brother. The times you push on his chin, the times you give him squeeze hugs, the times you give up your toys and snacks, to keep him satisfied. I see you. I hear you. I hear you encouraging everyone around you. I hear you trying to teach your brother new words. I hear you praying for us…your family.

I hope that through this chaotic life that we live, YOU see what you are doing. I hope you know what a blessing you are to us. To me. I hope you know, that yes…I will be your parent first, but that we will be best friends. I hope that you know how special you are. I hope you know, that I could never live this life without you.

Remember the mamas boy/daddy’s girl, thing that I mentioned, earlier? Thank you for being my girl, too. Thank you for clinging to me and for taking care of me. Thank you, for doing more than an almost 4 year old should. Thank you, for loving me.


Your mama. And your best friend.

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