Hi momma!

As you may or may not know, I, Sarah, (the founder of Mommy Real) host a podcast called, Homework to Happiness, and every year I have a series called, Mommy Real.  It’s my most popular, most engaging, and most downloaded series to date.

Not long ago, I put the word out that I was looking for moms to interview for the 2nd Annual Mommy Real Series on my podcast. The response was overwhelmingly awesome!! And the mommas kept contacting me, all with amazing stories to share.

But, something that one momma said got me thinking…she shared her story with me and then asked, “Do you think this is good enough to warrant a podcast episode?”

My immediate response was, “YES! Every story that a mom has to share is worth sharing as there are other moms who will learn from it and be inspired.”

That’s when the wheels started turning and the questions started coming in…How can I share even MORE of your stories so we can encourage even MORE moms?  How can I connect moms and create that sense of community?

The answer: The Mommy Real Blog.

What’s neat about the blog is that, every week, I will be featuring a mommy and her story.  No one and no story  will be turned away and I plan on featuring every mom that submits a story.So, here’s what I am looking for, mommas.

I want stories about anything and everything. Birth stories, breastfeeding stories, worst advice stories, best advice, allergies, natural mom, adoption, twins, c-sections, differences between 1st baby and 2nd, becoming a grandma, expectations, anything pregnancy and so forth…you get where I am goin’ with this.

NO story will be turned down. (As long as it is meets all guidelines, which are, just come from a place of love and don’t be vulgar.) But that goes without saying.

This is where you come in…I know you have a story about motherhood. How would you feel about sharing it so other moms can feel encouraged and inspired by you?

Are you in? If so, all you have to do is send your story, a picture of you or you and your family/children, whatever you choose, a brief bio about yourself and any blog/social media links you’d like to include.  Do this by clicking on the crazy big, pink button at the bottom for this page.

Thanks, momma!! I can’t wait to hear your story/stories! (You can always submit more than one) And remember to keep it real…Mommy Real.