OK, you officially ROCK!! If you are reading this, that means you are interested in joining the Mommy Real Squad, by sharing your story with other moms! YAY!

Here’s what I need from you!

  • Write your story.  It can be about anything related to you and your experience being a mom.  It can be as long or as short as you’d like.  If you have more than one story to share, the more the merrier.  (Every story will be posted to the blog and I plan on featuring every single momma at some point in time. You will be notified when you story is posted and when you are the FEATURED MOMMY OF THE WEEK.)

  • Email me your story, and please be sure to include a short bio about yourself, and a picture of you. (It can include your children, spouse, dog, cat…whatever you’d like) and any website/social media links you’d like to include so people can connect with you.

And that’s about it!  You can email your story/bio/pic directly to blog@mommyreal.com.

Feeling compelled to share a story but needing some inspiration?

Here are a few popular topics to choose from…

Birthing stories, breastfeeding stories, worst advice stories, best advice, allergies, natural mom, adoption, twins, c-sections,  differences between 1st baby and 2nd, becoming a grandma, expectations, anything pregnancy, going back to work, becoming a stay at home mom, mom of multiples and even, introducing your baby to your pets.

The angles are endless and I think perspective is so important, which means, I would love multiple stories about each topic.

I hope this list inspires you…

Thank you so much, momma!  I am a life coach for moms and I love that my passion for life coaching and encouraging moms to just be real has lead me here to  Mommy Real. Thank you for making this possible and, most importantly, welcome to the squad!

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xo, Sarah

Certified Professional Life Coach

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